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Life Stories

Have you ever wished that you knew more about the lives of women, great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, aunts?

Have you lived in interesting times, or done interesting things with your life?

Do you have thoughts about how the events of the world around you have affected your life as a woman?

Do you know of a women whose thoughts and aspirations made a difference in the lives of others, or do you wish to tell a story of difficulties faced by women?

All these, here, send to womenenews@gmail.com

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ARVs – Mom, Why Am I Taking Medicine Daily?

Posted on 2011/09/22 by Women eNews Kenya

September 22nd 2011, Western Kenya – On this particular day some 18 years ago, Phillip Wanganywa arrived at Kitale District Hospital from Busia in Western Kenya where he had accompanied his colleagues to bury a “friend”. Before that day, Phillip had attended several funerals weeks before, all of them to pay homage to his “friends”.

“After these funerals, I started developing strong doubt about my health; though I was not sick, I knew I would be Read more »


Posted on 2011/08/24 by Women eNews Kenya

Julia Walks 17km Daily So She Can Feed Her 6 Children And Ailing Husband

Every morning, Julia Aukot walks 17km to eastern Kenya’s Isiolo town in search of work so she can feed her six children and ailing husband; the journey is punishing, but as her family’s sole breadwinner, she has no choice.

“Here in the village, there is [absolutely] nothing you can do to make money to buy food. So every morning at six, I go to Isiolo town to do menial jobs for people and… buy food for my children and my husband,” the 39-year-old told IRIN/PlusNews… Read More


Posted on 2011/08/01 by Women eNews Kenya

“In A Day I Would Cut An Average Of 10 Girls In A Village”

August is when Nchoo Ngochila would normally be gearing up for the traditional female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) season in her Ilchamus community in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province.

“I would introduce myself and market my skills to the parents, I would convince them to hire me when the mutilating season came,” she told IRIN. “In a day I would cut an average of 10 girls in a village, and would operate in two villages each day.” Read More


Posted on 2011/08/11 by Women eNews Kenya

“After I Stopped Taking My TB Medicine… I Was A Criminal”

A year ago, 35-year-old Daniel Ng’etich was arrested and jailed in his home town of Kapsabet, in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province – his crime was failing to adhere to his tuberculosis medication [ http://www.plusnews.org/report.aspx?reportid=90270].

Rights activists were up in arms about what they saw as a human rights violation, but government officials defended the move in the interests of public health. Read More


Updated July 29th 2011

After Rose Nasimiyu, We Got A 3 Year Old Baby Lexie

After an inspiring story of Rose Nasimiyu on K24 Television ( Like Her Facebook Page), a nine year princess who decided cancer will not bog her down. Women eNews Kenya sought to know how others are coping, so our writer Antony Aisi and Eric Akasa returned from a field assignment with an amazing story of Baby Lexie… Read More


Updated April 21st 2011

She Adopted An Abandoned Baby In Old Age

At Sixty-five-years, this Kenyan lady has taken an extraordinary task, something few at her age would consider norm. Three years ago this businesswoman in Voi town, Taita-Taveta County made the unusual decision to adopt an abandoned baby boy in old age…Read More


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