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Leah, “I Don’t Want To Get To Third-Line ARVs”

Nairobi, 9 August 2012 (PLUSNEWS) – An estimated six million HIV-positive Africans are receiving life-prolonging antiretroviral treatment – a critical component in the management and control of HIV infection – but new studies [ http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2812%2961038-1/fulltext ] show that resistance to the drugs is growing, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Continue reading


I Just Have Sex With Them Without A Condom When They Want

Nairobi, 13th May 2012 (PLUSNEWS) – When Redempta*, 22, fled the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) two years ago and came to Kenya, she quickly had to find a source of income to feed and house herself and her two younger siblings. But as an illegal immigrant with no knowledge of local languages, her options were very limited.

“I met some women from my country [DRC] and they introduced me to sex work because I needed to pay for the house and buy food for my siblings. I couldn’t get any [other] work,” she told IRIN/PlusNews. Continue reading

Be Very Careful, Fina Bank Have Released Detailed Procedure Of How Thieves Are Getting Your ATM and PIN

I recently received an e-mail from a friend warning me to be careful when conducting ATM transactions. Apparently, thieves have devised a creative way of getting your ATM and PIN without you suspecting anything and in turn draining your bank account.

Fina Bank have released the detailed procedure of how this new  theft technique is being carried out.

Image sourced from Fina Bank

What he really is doing is placing a trap in the ATM machine to “capture” the next user’s card:

Image sourced from Fina Bank

Altering the ATM’s is a risky business. Therefore, these individuals work in teams. The lookout IN THE PICTURE BELOW warns of any possible eye witnesses or of the next potential victim:

Image sourced from: Fina Bank

Here we see the next client using the ATM, after the trap has been set. He inserts his card and begins his transaction.

Image sourced from: Fina Bank

The ATM card is confiscated, and the customer is confused, asking himself why the card has been confiscated. Continue reading

Britain’s Most Gullible Groom Prepares To Marry A Second Kenyan Beauty

Nairobi/ May 29th 2012 By Amy Oliver

Awkward: When first wife Priscila Njenga, left, walked out on Mr Reeves the builder found out she was already married and had lied about her age, telling him she was 34 when she was 40

Tim Reeves, 58, with his ex-wife Priscila Njoki Njenga on their wedding day in Kenya in October 2008

A builder dumped twice by an African bride who used him to get a UK visa has denied being Britain’s most gullible groom as he prepared to marry a second Kenyan beauty.

Tim Reeves, 58, was dumped by Priscila Njenga the day after she got her hands on a spouse’s visa following their wedding. Continue reading

2013 Polls – Although She Is Young, She Is The Candidate To Watch

Ms. Agnetta Nyalita wants to be elected to office in Makueni County in 2013 on a Narc –Kenya ticket

Nairobi/ April 17th 2012 By Ellie Van HoutteTo have deep community roots and the wisdom to soar highly like an eagle are attributes that one generally associates with a wise soothsayer who has lived life for many years.

When you meet someone who embodies this sense of uninhibited confidence and vision for the future, you are inspired to join them in their journey, and I saw such characteristics in Ms. Agnetta Nyalita. Continue reading

Joyce Banda-It All Started Out When I Went To Live In Kenya

Joyce Banda, Malawian vice president and women's right activist, was sworn in as the nation's new president on April 7

Malawi, 12 April 2012 the Gazette Stuck in an abusive marriage, Joyce Banda, a young mother of three, did something unheard of in her country, Malawi in southeast Africa. She left her husband.

Armed with an education and fierce determination, she started a successful company, founded the National Association of Business Women (which today assists more than 20,000 women), and created the Joyce Banda Foundation (a school for economically disadvantaged children and a nonprofit that promotes health, education, business, and food security).

Banda entered politics in 2004 as a member of Malawi’s parliament. In 2009, she became the nation’s first Continue reading

Out Of Her Six Children, Only Her Sons Attend School, Girls Cook, Fetch Water

Dadaab, 12 April 2012 (IRIN) – A mix of cultural practices, such as early and forced marriage, as well as child labour, are depriving girls of education in the Dadaab refugee complex in eastern Kenya.

Out of Dadaab’s estimated population of 463,000 mainly Somali refugees, more than half are children under 18; of these about 38 percent attend school.

The proportion of girls in the camps’ primary and secondary schools is 38 and 27 percent, respectively, according to the UN Refugee Agency. [http://data.unhcr.org/horn-of-africa/download.php?id=337.pdf&name=2011-Education%20Briefing%20Note.pdf ] A third of girls aged between 5 and 13 in Dabaab go to school; for those aged 14 to 17, only one in 20 are enrolled.

Hawa Ahmed, who arrived in Dadaab about seven months ago with her six children Continue reading

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