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    February 2012
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ODM – Where Is The 1/3rd Of The Other Gender In This Photo

  • The New Kenyan Constitution maintains a one third requirement for either gender in elective bodies giving women of Kenya at least 1/3 minimum in elective public bodies. Article 81 (b).
  • The New Kenyan Constitution ensures that gender equality is maintained in political parties providing a basic requirement for political parties as amongst other to respect and promote gender equality. Article 91 (f)
  • The New Kenyan Constitution provides that Parliament shall formulate law to promote the representation of women, persons of disabilities, ethnic and other minorities and marginalized communities in Parliament. Article 100.
  • The New Kenyan Constitution ensures that women and men will have the right to equal treatment and opportunities in political, economic, cultural and social spheres without discrimination. Article 27 (3).
  • The New Kenyan Constitution accords the right to health including reproductive health to all. Article 43 (1) (a).
  • The New Kenyan Constitution affords adequate and equal opportunities for appointment, training and advancement for women and men at all levels within the Public Service Commission. Article 232 (i).

3 Responses

  1. I was at this meeting at Karen. This pose was not planned. The people here are those who quickly left following the PM outside. Women were very well represented at the meeting .

  2. next time you see Agwambo out for a photo mark those faces, you will see the same faces, ask me why! they are the men who claim to be Agwambos linda party team, they are now walking with the photo in big frames claiming to be Agwambos favourite candidates, pls ignore the foto i beg you, we know them.

  3. Ladies, this is our time, lets support each other to take up these positions before they are reduced to 5%. I personally need a mentor to walk me through and I go for one of the seats!

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