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Kilele Foundation Reachimg To The Unrechead

Alex Ndolo Kilele Founder, Director Kilele Foundation

Nairobi, 16 November 2011 – Its often said in a wide range of perception among Kenyans that the Pokot nation among the 42 nations of Kenya is characterized by banditry, cattle rustling, drought and bad cultural norms, whereas when men and women from Pokot to other parts of the nation, the first question is, how many guns do you own or if he she is young the ask how many guns do your father own?

On the contrary some of the Pokots have never seen a gun apart from that carried by a professional police man given by the Government.

Pokot people are very calm, discipline, social and very loving. The marginalization that covered most of the pastoralist areas didn’t spare the Pokot land and this has called us in the civil society, media, government and even individuals who feel that they have a duty to build the nation and concern about their fellow brothers in adding value to their lives.

Reaching to the Unreached POKOT People in this County of Kenya  is an initiative of Kilele Foundation Kenya started up by individuals who are now running NGOs. These people have traversed most parts of the country to give Kenyans a reason to live one more day.

Accountable leadership forum have been in the limelight in the field of Naturing young leaders and peace building whereas Kilele foundation has been on lead in assisting the physically challenge activities and health matters and especially making awareness and assistance about cancer and to cancer patients.

You are invited to experience the richness of Pokot culture.

Among those expected during the event include the Founder GEDIC organization Madam Ruth Ojungo and Founder Kilele Foundation Kenya.Mr. Alex  Ndolo.


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