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Kingwa Kamencu, Incoming President of the Republic of Kenya

Nairobi, September 12th 2011 –The incoming President of Kenya hopes to rule from 2012 and leave office in 2017, she thinks politics is fun but she do have lots of other exciting possibilities and opportunities she would want to explore with life.

At only 27 Kingwa Kamencu wants to become Kenya’s next President, people close to the 2nd year student at Oxford University says she is barely a month in the country after landing from UK.

Kingwa Kamencu once attempted to capture the main Student Organisation Of University Of Nairobi(SONU) seat sometime back but she did not get the required number of votes.

At a press conference Sunday, the 27 year old broke down  as she explained her reason to join politics

Kingwa Kamencu was born in Nairobi’s Mater Hospital to Hellen Kaigera and Zakayo Kamencu, she grew up in Nairobi mostly but had a short stint in Australia, she later relocated to her rural home in Meru.

She says she did not like her rural home because there was no electricity, water and above all, no fun.

Kingwa Kamencu went to St George’s Primary School and Langata Junior both in Nairobi, she had a short stint in Bishop Lawi Imathiu boarding school in Meru.

She did her BA in History and Literature at the University of Nairobi.

She is turning 28 at the end of this October 2011, she says only a few months ago she realize she’s been spending too much time in school and now want to make the world better.

At the UON the Women Students Welfare Association (WOSWA) awarded her the ‘Young Woman Achiever’ of the year – 2008.

She says she was very touched and humbled

Read all about Kingwa Kamencu


15 Responses

  1. I admire a woman with such strong guts! She is definitely someone I want to follow whether she wins or not. In Kenya that is a gutsy move for a 27 years old to make but you never know unless you try. She probably is just the person Kenya needs not sure. Thanks for posting her story. Very interesting.

  2. Keep it up. I admire your effort. I may may be far, but I would surely help.

  3. David Karuri the Raptor Global CEO has today stated that he will support Kingwa Kimencu running for president of Kenya.

  4. David Karuri has a great chance winning the 2012 elections

  5. David Karuri who is worth $48,000,000 million USD can really help Ms. Kingwa Kimencu win the 2012 elections if she reaches out to him

  6. David Karuri is the heart of Kenya youth and we shall support him in each and every way we can…… Kenya is proud of David Karuri

  7. Kingwa Kamencu can win with the help of David Karuri

  8. HHmmmm very interesting. Maybe this is what Kenya needs. BUT, if you are going to post an article about a futur president please proofread it before posting. There are too many grammatical errors!!!!!!!

  9. To win the presidency you need to understand your weakness as well as your opponents then use your strength directing it on their weakness with a good strategy you can win election in 2017 this is so because of several factor including .1 voting innertia.2.youth dillusion 3 marketing time etc a period of 5 year is required for such campgain 2 work consult me and i will export 2 you napoleon like strategy that will not fail.

  10. I am proud of young, daring, visionary young people like you. Keep on keeping on. Only word of advise: Please check on your wardrobe to avoid body exposure and also check on your emotions – dont cry on camera, it shows weakness in the face of challenges. Thank you but believe me you have my heart.

  11. siasa sio kama mprira wa AFC na Gor Mahia

  12. mama can u get married first! uzae mtoto, ulee mtoto, before ulee watoto 40,000,000 in kenya. If you can read and understand this message, then you know you are suffering from hallucination. If u cant understand it, please tell your folks to take you to Mathari Hosp.

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