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Under What Situation Should Abortion Be Allowed?

Nairobi, September 11 2011 –  “They have been married for 10 years with no child to show for it, one day, they were attacked by armed robbers and the wife was raped, later on she discovered that she was pregnant! Now the husband wants her to abort” This is a true story, read the discussion on Noreen Harriet Maleche facebook wall

Muli Felix Hoops

Effie Maleche Lol…

James Wamai Nabisswa Its a product of heinous act..He has to think so. But you may say its a blessing in disguise

Bernard Ochieng quite a paradox..

Harriet Maleche of course if she’s to have the baby it always remind the man that his wife was raped by a monster

Robina Alaga The husband is right because if she gets the child he might turn out to be a robber like the dad.lol

Noreen Harriet Maleche ‎..Uhm so some of you are siding with the husband? eww!

Wanga Bress in this case it shows bwana ako na shida, not having productive seeds and accepting the rapist did the work for him!

Linzar Mudogah Sad story, did it really happen?

Noreen Harriet Maleche it happened 4real.. True story

Muli Felix Blessing in disguise

Joseph Mia Wah! Me am bila answers

Giovanni Fosella well what is wrong with it?

Giovanni Fosella of course you can do abortion; I would do it as well

Norah N Ojode The man ako na wivu because he cant father a child.

Noreen Harriet Maleche  abortion? Not the answer my dear

Giovanni Fosella oh my god of course is the answer

Linda Atieno Heee!

Linda Atieno It takes someone to rape you for you to get pregnant? That isn’t of God..

Giovanni Fosella leave god alone and just try to think with your own head, if possible!

Linda Atieno ‎@wanga, not good..

Noreen Harriet Maleche Linda, hehe atakama ni rape, would abortion solve it?

Giovanni Fosella no, but you don’t do another mistake on top of it

Noreen Harriet Maleche mistake being…??

Giovanni Fosella mistake being having a child from a guy who raped you, not really the ideal thing, i don’t understand the values u guys having here, is like the raping wasn’t bad enough, u want to punish the woman another time

Beryl W. Nyameyo am with you on that one Giovanni. its uncomfortable for the hubby to live daily with the knowledge that his wife is heavy with a rapist child. Why are you guys sending the man to an early grave?

Noreen Harriet Maleche the rape is bad sijakataa but aborting it is adding into it.. What if it brings complications from 4m it? Or die while going through it?

Linda Atieno Whatever Giovanni.. All am saying is it’s not ok for the woman to keep that baby… Rape is enough… Having a product of rape is continuous torture…

Beryl W. Nyameyo I think this is one instance where abortion would be acceptable.

Noreen Harriet Maleche Beryl yawa… he might lose the wife because of aborting it?

Noreen Harriet Maleche he’ll end up regretting why he let the wife go through it

Giovanni Fosella I think u women should try to be a bit more on the women’ side, instead on the men ‘side.

Generally speaking, abortion should always be exclusively a matter of a woman, as it is her body, not ours, of men.

This is more of really same value in the society, anything else is just lie. don’t let old unmarried men, especially catholic ones, who has no idea of anything, as they live in richness here in Italy in Vatican, tell you what is right or wrong! They talk all the time against abortion, and then don’t do anything for the millions kids starving, like now in east Africa.

This is a double moral, which has created enough problems; it is about time people raise and fight for more justice in the society. Just forget them, use your brain instead.

Beryl W. Nyameyo Na true that Linda, i concur with u…n what would you tell the poor kid? and why should she bear a kid whom probably she is gonna hate her whole life?

Giovanni Fosella i agree beryl

Noreen Harriet Maleche  well… Depends with the woman, whether you u abort or not, you’ll still remember what happened that day.. That’s a darkness that will be with you if you choose not to forget…

Children come to this world innocent, they don’t have to suffer for what we women went through.. Its a choice here.. Either to love the child or hate because  of what you went through..

iovanni Fosella you should not love the fruit of a rape, my God, there is so much nice to love

oreen Harriet Maleche It’s a choice.. you can choose to love it.. Children are gifts from God remember..

iovanni Fosella well if you believe in God yes, but i don’t need a gift from a rapist, there is nothing to do with god in that, is a bad god that one


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