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Martha Karua’s 2012 Presidential Bid Alive And Kicking

Martha Karua has declared her bid to run for president of Kenya in 2012

Martha Wangari Karua
Age 54
Presidential Candidate
Currently Member of Parliament – Gichugu Constituency
Kirinyaga County
Party- Narc Kenya
Martha Wangari Karua was born in the rural areas of Kirinyaga district in Kenya. Hers was a humble upbringing that instilled in her lessons and values she still carries today. One lesson Martha regards highly is the sense of duty she learned in seeing her family and neighbors, even with the little they had, caring for those with less or without.

After completing high school, which Martha jokes about having attended four different schools, she went on to pursue a law degree at Nairobi University and graduated with honors.

At the young age of 24, Martha was appointed as a Magistrate and served in a number of courts including Nakuru and Kibera. As a Magistrate Martha was renowned for consistently demonstrating keen and just discernment in her cases.

Following her magisterial position, Martha went into private practice where she took on, often without compensation, cases of many human rights activists and at the risk of being blacklisted and even jailed by the then dictatorial Moi government.

Martha recounts how she, fearing for her life, sat down her two young children and explained to them how her work could lead to her disappearance. “It was a difficult thing to do, but I wanted them to be prepared in case one day, I did not come back home.”

It is her dedication to rule of law that that has seen Martha advancing women’s rights through her leadership and advocacy in government and past involvement in international organizations such as the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Kenya) and national organizations such as the League of Kenyan Women Voters, of which she was one of the founders and it’s first chair.

Her legislative work has continued to further the causes of women and she has contributed significantly to the development of family law in Kenya.

In 1992, she was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Gichugu constituency. As a working mother, Martha had to juggle her political and family life and in the early days of her political life, she would rush to pick up and drop of her children in between parliamentary sessions.

Martha’s work ethic has been remarkable and her constituency is regarded as a model of development with one of the best developed horticultural productions among small scale farmers in Kenya.

Martha Karua has an ongoing history of representing the interests of Kenyans by being actively involved in Parliamentary proceedings and roles.

She was at the forefront of the Parliamentarians that formed the Inter-Parties Parliamentary Group (IPPG) on reforms from 1997 to 1998 which advocated and successfully attained for more democratic space to allow the development of multi-parties.

As an MP, Martha has served in two ministerial positions. First as Minister of Water, she successfully rolled out water sector reforms and laid the foundation for the revival of the extensive irrigation projects currently in place across Kenya.

Second as Minister of Justice, thereafter, Justice & Constitutional Affairs where she oversaw key legislation that set grounds for strengthening the electoral, national reconciliation processes and notably the constitutional process.

Martha is particularly proud of the framework and timeline that was put in place, during her tenure as Minister, to ensure the constitution process was protected from partisan interests so that Kenyans could finally have a new constitution. “One of my proudest moments was watching the crowds cheer in jubilation as we promulgated the new constitution.

That moment was worth all the hard work and long hours my team and I had put to ensure we gave Kenyans a document that could put us on a new path”

In April 2009 Martha Karua resigned as the Minister of Justice for what she termed as interference from the highest office in the ministry’s pursuit of judicial reforms. Rather than compromise her values and principles she walked away from being a key member of the government she has been a part of.

Despite her resignation, Martha has continued her commitment to serving Kenyans more than ever as a backbencher and party leader in NARC Kenya.

Throughout her extensive experience in government, Martha has demonstrated resilience and remained untainted by the corruption and bad governance practices that have characterized the Kenyan government. Martha remains passionate about her sense of duty to the Kenyan people and to moving them and Kenya to greater heights.

Martha Karua has declared her bid to run for president of Kenya in 2012 and the first step is to get the nomination from her party Narc Kenya. If elected,, Martha envisions a government in which Kenya and it’s people come first.

A government that responds efficiently and equitably to the needs of the people, provides them with an environment in which they can achieve their potential so as to restore hope and to build a secure future.She is ready to Step Up and be counted.

Join her campaign http://www.joinmarthakarua.com/


One Response

  1. Hon. Martha Karua,
    We are Praying for you. I would like to meet with you personally.
    Please give me an appointment. Iam Bishop BENITO SABANGA my cell phone is 0722 312594

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