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Why Do We Vote Women To Parliamnet?

Nairobi,  2 September 2011 Ruth Nyambura posts in the Forum For Young Women Politicians Facebook group – I have an issue and I did really love to hear your comments.

In the last elections in 2007, i had just turned 18 and decided to let my voice be heard by going to vote.

I voted for a lady who later on became the MP as she won. I tell you the truth, she has done absolutely nothing for my constituency to write home about or anywhere else for that matter.

She is corrupt and simply inept. She hardly speaks in parliament and there is a joke in my constituency about placing a ‘missing persons’ advert because she just disappeared.

Here is the thing; people say that women make better leaders than men but also from this particular experience and others; they make even worse leaders than men if they are not genuine to begin with.

I am dying to empower women next year as I turn 23 but I will not just vote for a woman simply because of their gender.

I want an honest, hardworking woman of integrity and valor. As it is, my MP makes it so difficult for me to convince people to vote for women simply because she has made our gender look bad.

If you are the woman I am looking for, Please Stand up!! People need to know that women of Integrity exist.

What do you guys think?

Wangui Wambugu Remember the leaders are human, with agendas’ personally will not vote for someone I do not know. if they make no effort to do good stuff way before they seek my vote-too bad.

If people are empowered in communities to realize that their lives are not with the politicians, then they can vote for their own wisely. Otherwise politicians are rarely leaders as most do not serve the electorate.

Njeri Osaak Ruth, she is just another politician who has failed her constituents and not just the cause of women.

She was adequate at the local level but was probably overwhelmed in the “big house”! We cannot judge her too harshly and then generalize her performance to all women and this should not stop other women trying to succeed her.

Political campaigns should be organized and looked at around issues and not the single lens of gender.

Biology has nothing to do with leadership. The next lady who tries to succeed her should refocus the people’s perception of leadership and work to start early…by practical involvement at the grassroots and engaging in debate on national issues at the same time!

It can be done and one’s personal philosophy, approach, speech, bearing has a lot to do with it!

Ruth Nyambura ‎@Njeri…True true…We must look beyond gender just as we need to look beyond things like ethnicity and race.

All I am saying is that I get seriously offended when I’m told to elect women just coz they are women. I believe that it is seriously demeaning to us coz it’s as if beyond being women there is nothing more to us.

I’m inspired by Barrack Obama when he says that ‘if he was to run against Michelle, she would give him a thorough whooping’…surely he didn’t say this merely because she is a woman but for the very fact that she is seriously competent.

How I long for the day when such will be said about all women aspirants and for the same and even better reasons.

Betty Kamami Ruth Nyams, am that woman you are looking for.

Pollyne Owoko Ruth l totally agrees with you, it’s not about just voting in a woman, but a woman who can deliver, has an agenda and is issue based for the betterment of her constituency and able to articulate all issues that affect the society. I stand up as one of those women with integrity.

Ruth Nyambura I hold dear the youth agenda in Kenya as this is my generation.

Should any of you aspiring ladies need advice on issues most pertinent to us and just generally the youth question in Kenya, do not hesitate to ask for my help.

I have devoted myself to tackling our issues our way. I realize that leadership isn’t about a title but rather about Choices and Responsibilities.

Cllr Muthoni Wanjau ‎@Ruth I will definitely not be afraid to ask for your help.

Am interested in vying for the women representative in the county. So far as I have seen is that am not ready to rally behind any so said senators or governors vying for this seats since this will make be swallowed by their agenda seeing as most are recycled politicians.

Naomi Cidi Kumbatha I am on the campaign trail for the Senate Seat in Kilifi County and I come from Malindi Constituency.

The Harambee Money issue is everywhere and I wish Civic Education could be the solution – it’s not — I also wish that there was a way of identifying those women politicians that will bring real change then we would tell the voters to take money from the monied and vote for the Women of integrity.

It’s a catch 22 — I however believe that Change will come through the Youth and the Women but only though Civic Education at the very grass root level — advising the voter who a good leader is and giving the examples of the bad Woman Leader without fear or favour

It will be unfortunate if we just send women to Parliament and to the Senate just because they are women

Leaders are chosen by God and elected by men and women

Let us look for God fearing Women among our societies so that we can bring real change to our counties and our country.


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