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Awarded For Changing Perception Of Adoption In Kenya

Taita Taveta July 22nd 2011 – Women eNews Kenya published this story on April 21st 2011 under the headline She Adopted An Abandoned Baby In Old Age.

Today we bring you a follow up of the same, at Sixty-five-years, this Kenyan lady had taken an extraordinary task, something few at her age would consider norm.

Today, the infant abandoned by her mother in Voi is a healthy four year old boy.

Josephine Mwakazi was recognized by Jubilee insurance, as the caring hearted woman, selfless character in giving the child a lease of life, and changing the perception of adoption in Kenya.


Awarded For Changing Perception Of Adoption In Kenya


By Anthony Aisi - Writer

A four year old , who was abandoned by her mother at Mwakingali estate in Voi, Taita Taveta County, now lives a healthy life after he was rescued by Josephine Mwakazi, now giving the child a lease of life.

Most of those who knew her could not understand why a 62 year old mother of six, already an overwhelming family size given her humble lifestyle would want to burden herself with another outside child. But Josephine Mwakazi did not think twice upon seeing  an infant  abandoned  in her neighborhood, her objective is to give the child a good life.

Today that infant abandoned by his bloody mother in Voi only a few minutes after birth, is now a healthy four year old.Little Annan as he was named after what Kofi Annan helped Kenya to retain peace in the country in 2007 post election violence.the name is symbolic and his story motivates and inspire many.

Josephine Mwakazi was recognized by Jubilee insurance, as the caring hearted woman, selfless character in giving the child a lease of life, and changing the perception of adoption the society,  she was awarded by Jubilee Insurance Samaritan Award (JISA) which is a panel consisting of members of the fourth estate who look for simple things in the community and award them for the efforts.

“ There are many children who are abandoned every day and it is wonderful to hear a real life rescue as Mrs. Mwakazi has done , through this award, jubilee hopes to laud her selfless act and in so doing encourage other Kenyansto be mindful of the welfare of those in need.” Jubilee group chairman Nizar Juma said.

Mr Juma describes her as a model of good and honest human being “ she is an  inspiration to us all, in an age when we see very few selfless acts by people. Juma added

The story unfolds when Mrs Mwakazi, among other neighbours witnessed a recently abandoned infant a few meters from her homestead,

Young Kofii Annan when he was rescued

not even his umbilical cord was cut. She was touched by compassion, and with her neighbours they assisted in cutting the umbilical cord and rushing him to the hospital. She was taken to Moi hospital in Voi, even though it was a long procedure with the children department on adoption issue, which included getting the consent of her husband Roy Mwakazi, who convinced of her keen interest, he agreed with the adoption.

The family named the child Moses Annan, in honour of the former UN secretary General, Koffi Annan owing to his vanguard role in brokering peace in Kenya.The boy’s rescue coincided with the signing of the peace accord to end the violence. He was letter baptized and named Moses since he was left by his mother just like the biblical Moses.

Mrs Mwakazi laudable act transformed the society to view adoption positively and is an inpirational story of a good heart and caring for the needy in the society .” said Catherine Gicheru a JISA panel judge.

Neighbours who rebuked Mrs Mwakazi, some saying that she was out to seek grants from the well wisher, have now become her biggest admirers, her story is being talked by everybody in her community on how she managed.

Her family, especially her children, a boy and five girls, have welcomed little Annan wholeheartedly. She has brought him up personally , having no house helps, she only had to seek the supply of milk from the children department for six months.

She is now contemplating opening a children’s home in future, to care for abandoned children, her husband said he will ensure the child is well educated.

“ God salvage my Annan from the jaws of cruel hyenas, lions and other wild animals roaming this Mwakingali neighborhood from the adjacent Tsavo national park.” Said Mrs Mwakazi

By Anthony Aisi and Eric Akasa


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