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Kenya’s FM Station Becoming A Major Ministry For Sexual Perversion

June 9th 2011 –Sometimes last year, Communication Commission of Kenya summoned Classic 105’s Breakfast show host Maina Kageni.

The authority wanted the breakfast show restructure the sex content in their programming within six months.

Today, we share with you Lucy W. Githinji’s status on Facebook wall, Lucy says FM stations and especially Maina Kageni should not give immoral people the forum to air their dirty exploits. What’s so great about sleeping with your father-in-law or your daughter’s boyfriend that you can call Maina and brag about it? Sick people!!

The post was liked by 33 people and had 101 comments by Thursday June 9th at 2.44pm

Sample the Responses


Kenya’s FM Station Becoming A Major Ministry For

Sexual Perversion


Peter Kuya – Veeery sick people! And to imagine they have such a popular forum to spread their sexual perversion  no wonder the family is an endangered institution!

Mike Rotich – Thanks Mum,i thought am the only one thinking on that line.Am no yet married but i can’t stand what these insane people are saying.Soon this station will have its own brand characteristic that not so good.Am happy with Bibilia husema Studio!

Smiley Alexx Assasin – LOL

Catherine Ndonye – I didn’t think she was a bright woman the one who said her father in law loves her because shes beautiful and her mother in law is not. i mean, how low can one sink? that kind of thinking is so lame. people don’t love each other for beauty if you ask me. and it shows how slutty one is, how stupid they are and what small brains they have if any.nkt!!!

Philip Dean Kasaya – I heard the show today and got just two words for that, “DUNIA INAISHA”

Rex Omolleh – shame on them. .

Peter Kuya That FM station is becoming a major ministry for sexual perversion! Encouraging unusual sexual exploits among people. Next you will hear daughters calling in about their fathers! NKT!

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Catherine, that’s what I thought too. How does one compare herself with her mother-in-law sexually. She could be about 35 years older than her but much more respectable. Sick, sick, sick woman. Shame on her.

Dorothy Mogusu – That is true. We need to listen to more sensible stuff on radio!

Jeniffer Kiala – Lucy I totally agree with you. Nowadays we are glorifying sin. Very sick people who needs repentance.

Vinn Rose – For the 1st time am commenting on your update: the radio call in programs are just a mess! To make matters worse they are stage managed to make the stations sell their advertising space/frequencies. The maina kageni and busted stuff are totally stage managed. I hate it, I hate it and I hate it. They are devaluing the family stature! God help us.

Pamela Abwoga – Please don’t give that line of discussion/thought extra mileage by debating it. Let us just kill it

Donald J Ouko – ‎@Catherine I agree with your opinion, its moral decadence. I am married and I would NEVER even dream of having an affair with my mother in law for example. That is abhorred to say the least.

@Lucy your perception of issues is sane and very decently adult. Only a normal grownup would see your point. On the issue of FM stations like Maina’s I think there should be a regulatory body like what NACADA did with the Mututho law.

I am very curious to hear Maina out on this matter but today he has not inspired me both as a media personality and a fellow Kenyan. Maina needs to know that he has got listeners out there whose socio-economic, academic and career aspiration might be shaped by his show.

Maina Kageni MUST not be allowed to pump our youth with immorality on air. This is unacceptable

Felix Ngetich – It is this line of thought that is blocking Dr Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza from the big jobs! Hollier than thou mentality…

Yvonne Kariuki – i love this update,i thought CCK told them to change their topics

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Felix, you as an adult may be able to discern good and bad, but there are some very young people and children (and even adults) whose way of thinking is shaped by such discussions. The stations give the impression that everyone is doing it and its OK.

Rose Wanjiru – ‎@Lucy i think many ladies don’t respect themselves nowadays.

Donald Kigali – ‎@Lucy in fact that encourages rather than deters. once the veil of shame is removed through such shows,those with thoughts like that wil find a justification to do it.

Donald Kigali – and by the way, maina and most of his callers suffer from juvenile idiocy. what grown-ups would talk about sex from Monday to Friday everyday of the week. a grown-up once you discover your sexuality, you get over the excitement and focus on other issues as you go about your activity quietly without noise and fanfare.

Donald Kigali – always wondered why a whole nation can be so riveted to sex talk Monday to Friday as if that is the biggest issue around.

Sean Cardovillis – That’s why Maina’s show is number one in the country.. because you’re all listening to it! A welcome diversion from the usual politics dribble..

Sean Cardovillis – Unfortunately that’s life these days..

Sean Cardovillis – And it’s called good radio if he can get you all to listen to him! No matter what the subject matter is..

Damaris Waseth Bula – I blame the women and not Maina. How can a sober person over the age of 18 go to air with such statements? Abomination and un-african!

Donald Kigali – ‎@sean,we are forced to because it is on air even in public transport. i only do when in public transport but my biggest question is cant he and his callers get over the obsession with sex. surely to constantly get excited over sex is juvenile thing. sex is something you do and move on to other things or you leave it for high scholars to talk about because they may not have as much access,but what serious grown-up calls to brag about his or her act

Kaloki Charles – If at all Maina meant good out of it, can he provide this morning show recording to the respective authorities because if such is true, i trust that it just does not need end after the show air time unless he is not out to recruit others.

Shadrack Tingisha – Its blasphemy! God help them.

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Sean, like those popular pastors who lead their congregations to mass suicide? Or the popular pyramid schemes designers who squander people’s millions? C’mon Sean, Maina like Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza should be publicly vetted.

Felix Ngetich – We are in a world of choice, if Classic is not ok, tune to KBC but from the look of updates, most of us, if not all enjoy these sex discussions. Lucy W. Githinji What about the internet? Who will regulate what the kids can access? There should be better approach such as sex education and demystifying sex rather than pretense and evading the reality.

Donald J Ouko  – ‎@Sean there are very serious aspersions that Maina’s show is staged. The issue Lucy W. Githinji raised here is far much deeper than just listening to a radio station. Obviously you can’t catch that vibe. Pole

Catherine Ndonye  – damaris.maina as the host,makes the final decision what goes on air.he chooses who is to be heared and who shouldnt.

Sean Cardovillis – ‎@Lucy: I am not condoning immorality (I’m happily married) but freedom of choice is there.. read Felix’s update. There are over 50 FM stations to choose from. You are all addicted to his breakfast show. Good job Maina Kageni!

Donald Kigali  – ‎@felix,life is more than about sex.as for choice,whet choice does one have when it is on on public service,whet choice if you leave your kids behind and that is the show on air,it is one thing to talk about sex it is quite another to be obsessed with sex talk. and there isnt anything one learns from the show.if maina is serious,then he should organize practical sex classes for his equally challenged adults then after that move on to other issues.

Catherine Ndonye – ‎@ sean.i disagree.i listen to that show.not for anything besides churchills humour.whatever makes me laugh,coming out of churchill,mostly has got nothing to do with sex.

Donald Kigali – ‎@kaloki totally agree with you, you always feel a theme of anti-family,anti-marriage,anti-hetero sexuality running through his choice of topics and comments. Why cant he try to highlight what is working, why always what isnt? could he also be projecting his past and preferences through the show.?

Catherine Ndonye – i like maina as a host,and his ability to bring out the kin’gang’i in churchill,what i detest is some of the stuff,said by listers,that he lets go on air.period!!!

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Sean, Felix, imagine 4000 public vehicles which 14-45 passengers on board in Nairobi alone some with kids going to school. What control do these passengers have on what to listen to?

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Sean, and like Catherine says you can’t beat King’angi’s humor. Churchill is also more restrained when it comes to immoral issues.

Donald Kigali – ‎@catherine,when the show has run its cycle i can bet u,the many people who would have bme anti-family,anti-marriage and even (God forbid) anti heterosexual will be many.what with a show that delibaletly sets out to show you why it isnt working and why it cant work and why you u shouldnt try to make it work, always  negativity, always focus on the negative in people.

Donald Kigali – ‎@lucy worse of all kids hearing grown-ups discussing filthy sexuality,growing up we had a choice to grow up and choose other activities apart from sex and trust that relationships work.what choices does maina and Communication Commission of Kenya accord my kids? what if we wake up and realize that we have a generation that is anti-mariage,anti-heterosex,i read a subtle agenda.

Sean Cardovillis – And what has Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza got to do with this? I have 2 studs and think he’s fully qualified for the job! Let’s talk issues and move on with development.. freedom of speech is crucial to a country’s development. Maina Kageni is a trailblazer in the Kenyan media – the Howard Stern of Kenya. I will support him fully as a fellow radio presenter!

Felix Ngetich – ‎@Donald Kigali, I wish that was true, but for real, life rotates around sex. Apart from money, power and alcohol, sex is what drives the world. That is why we are discussing it here! How different are we on this wall than Maina’s callers? Talk about Princess, Diana, clinton, mama ODM activist number 1, wanjiru, IMF boss, Nigerian diplomatt…. the list is endless.

Kaloki Charles – Most of us here are right. The bottom line is how people understand and relate the topic. Again, the power of the show is generated by those people Maina allows to go on air, ofcourse he lets those who contribute towards his suggestive questions.

We annalyse him depending on what he lets go on air. If its for purpose of humour then such is too overboard.

By the way, suppose maina Had a family, could he discuss such at dinner/b/fast time? If he cant, whos family is he out to finish. For heavens sake, you cant allow some matters on air. Making the devil brag?

Donald Kigali – ‎@Felix,if that is your interest and what drives your daily agenda,then CCK and the government shud find a way of consigning your show to late night, when kids are in bed and perhaps you

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Sean, its Maina who introduces the topic for the day. He has great influence on the Kenyan public and that’s why he should be vetted. so that we get to know him, his values and what he believes in.

Kaloki Charles – Correct Donald and also the cotributions should be towarsd trying to help others, make solutions because we all know this is not right.

Donald Kigali – ‎@kaloki,i hear you. am a parent, 2 boys 16 and 8 years,for me its is more than personal. for instance todays topic,what mesage would my eldest take from todays show? can i realistically stop him from tuning into classic when the mum and I are at work? if at his age i never had of such crap and cant discuss such crap with him,why should someone be allowed to do so..

Catherine Ndonye – when something is widely discussed,it doesnt mean its largely important.we not discussing this becoz it adds any value to our lives.sex does not drive the world.its man who is trivial enough to drag it into every aspect of life.here in kenya we would win grammies for flying anywhere the wind blows.

our ancestors knew and enjoyed sex.we behaving like we were the first to discover it.like it just bounced into existence.you dont have to share it with a hundred people or shout to the world about it to enjoy it!!!! u can have the best by keeping it to yourself.

Felix Ngetich – ‎@Donald Kigali. What about face book or any other social network?! Just check your recent comment full of raw erotic undertones and yet you are not even sure if I am an adult or a 12 yr old! How different are you from maina’s show contributors? It is this kind of hypocrisy that is not ok

Sean Cardovillis It is not Maina Kageni you should be vetting but Radio Africa.. if you are all listening than obviously he’s doing his job right and his employers are happy with him. His background has nothing to do with it! I’m a Maina Kageni fan becouse he’s not afraid to discuss what others won’t. Like it or not these are based on real life stories..

Kaloki Charles – Mr.Felix calling a spade a spade is not wrong but at the end of it, which side are you driving your point as a show host? real life issues are discussed so as to make positive move or negative? My issue here is the impact of the show on the listeners side.

Kaloki Charles – By the way what are the Agendas ussuly be for such a show. Not all Mainas Shows are usually in question but for like this particular case, i would appreciate if somebody highlights a possible agenda for it.

Catherine Ndonye  – maina and radio Africa are both partakers in this.if i will host a show and kill or encourage the killing of a marriage,or teach the children of my country how to be great fornicators,the married how to be better cheaters,people with issues in relationships,how not to mend them,then i would rather not do it.at the end of the day i guess it depends too on ones dignity.and nobody should gauge this by how much the masses love it.poison tastes good to those who don’t know its poison.teenagers will listen to you even if you told them to have sex on the street they will.would you say its ok coz they seem to wake up at 3am to listen to it

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Catherine, we are not even talking of acceptable sex but perversion.

Donald Kigali ‎@koloki,for me,the theme that disturbs me is the constant “marriage doesnt work, trust cant work, mariage no money cant work, men are dogs themes” bearing in mind this is second after he once aired a similar theme of a caller from kiambu who bragged of an affair wth the father for a plot? what agenda can one read?

Ruth Waithera – Truly staged managed and disgusting

Mwangi Wanjumbi – ‎@ Lucy: these things happen when a nation does not embrace any GUINDING VALUES or PRINCIPLES. Any, goon, academic misfit, thief, drug baron ..name it can get a forum to LEAD (influencing people behavior) through bragging about his/her immorality. Who will fast-track the implementation and socialization of chapter 6 on integrity and leadership?

Longyeinus Klyne – that is true is dose not need to brag about it it shows how immoral some of us Kenyans are, that immorality of the highest deree

Linus Mathayo – ‎@ Lucy. These people need serious counseling. It happens that Maina Kageni gives them some resemblance of counseling even though it is too public.

Betty Lumuli – its a pity for this nation.May God help us.

Longyeinus Klyne – i think this fm radio presenters also are to blame , for the choice of the topic,why cant they cut down those callers talking crap,there are lots of people listening to the radio at that time irrespective of the age , then at the end of the day we tall teenager to abstain, where and when will they when we air people talking about how they slept with so and so values have eroded

Linus Mathayo – FM stations are not to blame, it is the society. Our Kenyan society has no proper mechanism of stopping such crap. They just absorb it no matter what. If we want to teach such stations a lesson that what they are doing is not good, people s…See More

Asuman Odongo – Kiss TV, sister station aired the same story in the programme, cheaters .com. Sometimes i wonder if such stories are’nt cooked to gain audience.

Donald Kigali – ‎@Linus what about when your neighbor tunes in or your in a public transport

Brian Okutoyi – The problem with most of you is that you take everything in the newspapers, on TV and radio as the GOSPEL TRUTH! Well WAKE UP! IT IS’NT! Maina and a majority of media houses exist to make money. They have bosses who have shareholders who are looking for a Return On Investment. The more listeners and controversy Maina can stir up, the better for Classic 105’s bottom end.

You all have a choice of what to listen to so make it instead of ‘pleading to the government to to step in for you

Donald Kigali – ‎@brian,i can make a choice when at home or work,but can my 8 yr and 17 year kids old make that choice when he is in public service vehicle? if a person started running for example a money making child prostitution business, should he continue?

Mejumaa Mohamed – Just as the research on homosexuals that is being carried out and stirring quiet some dust! has anyone dared to do a research on our nation’s immorality?… judging from all we hear in our fm stations?

Lucy W. Githinji – ‎@Brian, and drug baron exist to make money. What’s the big deal? We can chose to do drugs or not. Your argument is soooo shallow? Every word that comes from a public figure (of which Maina has become) has a direct or indirect effect on the thinking and behavior of the young and old just like drugs affect everybody in one way or another.

This discussion continue to generate more opinion, visit Lucy W. Githinji facebook wall for more


3 Responses

  1. We have just become ungodly society, lets run back to God . Pray for this Nation

  2. […] Kenya’s FM Station Becoming A Major Ministry For Sexual Perversion (ladyenews.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Wonder why kenyans ever listen to that crap tht is in clasic….nkt..

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