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Kenyan Women, Give Your Men License To Practice Polygamy

May 16th 2011 – Following yesterday’s tragedy that Olympic Marathon champion Samuel Kamau Wanjiru had died, focus shifted to his troubled marriage.

Kethi D. Kilonzo who is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Member of the Law Society of Kenya says Kenyan women should stop burying their heads in the sand and give their men the license to practice polygamy.

Today we share with you  Kilonzo’s sentiments on her facebook wall.

This post was liked by 18 people and has 40 Comments

Sample the responses that filed her facebook wall___________________________________________________________________________________________

Kenyan Women, Give Your Men License To Practice



Abdi Noor -Yes, and many ugly tragedies would have avoided but the more the women folk avoid this time bomb issues than the victims buried alive

Hawi Wanga – They too may then seek license to practice polyandry!

Bryann Nyangeri – Kethi, are you smoking something?

Lilian Renee Omondi – Counsel are you serious?

Alex Watila – LOL

Brenda Otega – This update is so wrong in every sense of the word. Does it mean that a married man will forever find it impossible to do what is right by God and his woman? Has society given up on marriage between 1 man and 1 woman? Genesis 21 sums it all.

Fred Musyoki – give nature what’s due, women know they have a clock, most definitely I’ll want a ka’orix’to mach my factory(timeless).or whats left of it. yaani tusingagane.

Anna C Konuche – eat their cake and have it? Wow, I want that too, but wait, am a woman!

Abdi Noor – I think if a man has the financial power to provide for more than 1 women than polygamy is the way to go to avoid adultery &other related vice, but he should be willing to treat both the wives the same in all the responsibilities of a husband rather than mpango wa kando

Josephine Wambui Njungi – Moroccan weed is bad for you. Say NO.

Kethi D. Kilonzo – Let us all stop burying our head in the sand. If I have two co-wives, I would prefer to know them when my husband is still alive.

Winnie Kamau – I agree with you but also gave a limit four women per person. But then again we should consult with God before we break the rules… Our God is a jealous God and would want to share with any other so we should not b willing to share!!!…MAD LUV!

Wilkins Ochoki – True counsel. Feel for Wanjiru s wife especially now that has mother is siding with the other women.

Abdi Noor – Ochoki you see the late Wanjiru was able to provide for more than 1 wife but the society has buried its head in the sand on this issue

Irene Mwende Maithya – What??!!

Kethi D. Kilonzo – Lilian, Irene, Brenda, forewarned is forearmed.

Maureen Cheptoo Leting – you’re mad Kethi!!! ati share my goods? nigga will fly

Kethi D. Kilonzo – Cheptoo, if you can’t live with the co-wives don’t say I do.

Lilian Renee Omondi – Keith with the explanation u now give disclosure is good. But encouraging them to be polygamous no way.

Kethi D. Kilonzo – Lilian, did you notice how Wanjiru’s women could all pass for sisters? Am afraid our brother’s don’t need any encouragement at all.

Patterson Kamaara – Money and celebrity came too early for this gallant Kenyan. And then women would not let him breathe. They suffocated him. In the end family, friends, Kenya and the whole world are that much poorer without Sam. Have we learned anything? Or are we just waiting for another disaster to happen, and then we joke about it in social networks?

Lilian Renee Omondi – I did notice the similarity. I pray that the children we are raising have better values. I pray every day.

Evans Monari – Bravo Kethi!!

Sally Lumadi – OMG counsel, the issue here is not knowing the co- wives??!! The pertinent issue here is a philanderer on the loose!!!Masquerading as Mr. Money bags! This is a form of undue influence. In this hard times of cash and women to men ratios! AIDS, This saga though needs to be investigated thoroughly!! I can’t believe the dude thought he could do some gymnastics!! What was the woman up to locking them in to call the cops—-does that sound credible? What did the rest see? This saga is too complex to be wished away? I shall not be surprised if a fourth damsel and a fifth and a 6th arrive on the scene. Let us not just reduce it to polygamy etc. there is much more, the extended family? The job? The wife? him? Money? Watch the space

Goretti Maria – That is the reality on the ground. You notice JSC did not prod that issue because I believe most of the male commissioners know better than to ask the obvious. This issue will be settled once the Marriage Bill goes thru because it recognizes polygamy.

Sally Lumadi – But will the bill stop the randy man /woman?

Michael Matu – I agree 100%

Kinyanjui Theuri – ‎@Goretti, the bill does it require consultation and concurrence with the older wife/wives before one acquire another wife..? For the record Kethi you have my vote on this, unequivocal.

Sally Lumadi – The truth is Mpango wa Kando is here to stay.

Wahome Wa Murigu – There we go, that’s the best thing I have heard from a beautiful lady in years.

Musau Muinde – o.k.! How’ve you been kethi? long time!

Sally Lumadi – The truth is no amount of control /restriction of our men/women, rules and regulations, statutes customs whatever, just like the oldest profession, will keep the men/women at bay or in check from eating the forbidden fruit

Lindah Nyameche – Not

Anthony Njoroge – Interesting and controversial view. Same as legalizing drugs.

Musau Muinde – Tony wacha siasa. We all get some on the side, but since I’m not married I get some I get all of mine on the side!!!!

Morris Kimuli – This is a very exciting proposal. I wish the Bible allowed it. It would surely help some guys I know, who can’t keep to one woman.

Victor Otieno – there u have thought like 3women….couldn’t agree more!

Guandaru Thuita – Kethi for president

Ouma Maurice Otieno – Ha ha ha ha, nice thread,

Maryangela Kamene Kimwele – polygamy polyandry

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