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Mom, Where Do You Get The Energy From?

May 3rd 2011 – Today, we celebrate Kenyan mothers, at Women eNews Kenya, we know Motherhood is priced, at a price no man may dare to lessen or misunderstand. When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts, a mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

We will give you a short story of Teresa Otiep, an amazing mother who, with help from Heifer Kenya managed to improve her family’s food and nutrition significantly through gift of a cow


Mom, Where Do You Get The Energy From?


Teresa Otiep was selected as a winner in the Grassroots Achievement category. In the traditional Africa, women waited for marching orders from their husbands.

Teresa broke that tradition by taking an initiative to join a self-help group and working with Heifer Kenya. “I could not afford to buy anything on my own, not even a matchbox. I had to beg from my husband, and this at times brought tension in the family,” Teresa said.

With a gift of one dairy goat Teresa started her life journey, which was not very supported by her husband; he didn’t see much value in milking a goat, but was wishing for a cow.

In less than a year, the goat was able to bring a cow home, with Teresa’s outstanding commitment and management.

In two years, Teresa was able to move from owning one sheep (all they had before Heifer) to owning and managing 14 animals (a cow and a calf, three goats and nine chickens), and from an annual family income of Kenyan Shillings 4,500 (equivalent to $60) to 25,916 (equivalent to $346), a growth of over five and a half times.

She also managed to improve her family’s food and nutrition significantly and to pay school fees for her children. She even provided for her husband’s education, which eventually made him to be a well-paid teacher by the local standards.

“I owned nothing just two years ago; it is amazing how much I have now, and life is a lot different. My husband values and respects me.

Owning a cow has earned me lots of respect from this village,” Teresa said. She is committed to give back to this community.

Teresa opened up her farm for others to learn from, and she receives 15 visitors on average every month, mainly women, with whom she shares her success stories and encourages them to take action. In addition Teresa pays visits to and mentors about three women farmers a month.

Today, she has not only gained respect from her husband, who attested by saying, “I will forever respect women,” but also from other men in the community, who invite her to speak at public forums to inspire fellow women. Teresa is a true role model for many fellow women in her community.

Adapted from Heifer International


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