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Sometimes Society Is Harsh On Women

April 29th 2011 – Becouse we know you probably spend a decent amount of time using facebook, twiter and other social networks, Women eNews Kenya could not resist the urge to share with you a super awesome discussion at fever point on facebook, From Mercy’s wall, we share with you her status today,

“society sometimes is harsh on women, why does it judge women when they propose to men”

Find out what Mercy’s friend had to say about her status

Kagiri was first to respond he asked


Sometimes Society Is Harsh On Women


Kagiri was first to respond  he said he asked“was thinking about doing it”,

Gatambu was about to ask you the same…

Mercy Kagirii….lol….no way am just wondering why the society is so harsh on women…Gatambu…..thinking the same…huh

Gatambu i don’t see anything wrong with that…

Ladida Rose perhaps you could put it in writing, in just 200 words, tell us why society sometimes is harsh on women send your short version to womenenews@gmail.com we will publish it here https://ladyenews.wordpress.com/

Mercy Ladida…ok then…will consider that

Gatambu ‎@ Ladida nice publication, how come i have never heard of it…

Mercy Lydia am also wondering the same,….its good i wrote this…all women should write something

Gatambu Ehe, i have another idea, the society also think that women cannot be trusted to make serious judgments….

Mercy i agree with that…..now write something too

Felista coz men want to do the chasing all the tmy it is good fro their ego…although i agree women shd also voice their opinion wen they want to..

Ladida Rose Women eNews Kenya loves the gal talk on social networks, subscribe and know what cooking

Gatambu ‎@ Mercy we can do a piece together @ Ladida im subscribing now

Mercy sawa Lydia…..

Mbogo Have you guys never heard of the saying: `A MAN chases a woman until SHE catches HIM`!

Mercy Lin..i know that….am just wondering what is wrong with a woman chasing a man….

Simon Let them come n propose to me,i will handle that so called society.

Discussion ends


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