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She Feels Most Alive When Speaking

April 14th 2011 We all have been to that event where the speaker ums and uhs every so often, As Human beings, we seem more afraid of public speaking than we are of any other assignment , If you think about it, fear of public speaking is also a fear of death – an emotional death.

Speakers who sound hesitant, less confident and uncertain project a different image of the event they are in charge of.

So today, we share with you a profile of this great Kenyan lady, the founder and Executive Director of Speak to Africa

We share with you her powerful resource that can change the lives of your organization._____________________________________________________________________________________________

She Feels Most Alive When Speaking


Wendy Gaya is the founder and Executive Director of Speak to Africa, the first of its kind speakers agency in Kenya. She is also a consultant in drug abuse prevention, a speaker and trainer focusing on soft skills.

An alumni of the United States International University (USIU) Wendy studied International Business Administration majoring in management and has held various managerial and leadership roles over the last 9 years. These include head of the Campaigns Department and Training Department at Students’ Campaign Against Drugs and Program Officer at the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority. She is also the In-country coordinator for Village Volunteers, an international development NGO that partners with local NGOs to support development in rural Kenya.

Wendy’s passion for speaking started in high school where she led the Christian Union and whenever any of the guest speakers was not able to make it she filled in for them. Later on in college, never one shy to express herself and share her opinions, she found herself always nominated to make presentations on behalf of her study groups. A role she relished as she discovered she felt most alive speaking in front of a group of people.

Not content with her job and the limited opportunities for developing her passion in speaking and training, Ms Gaya left her comfortable government job to pursue her dream of speaking and training full time. While facing the great challenge of setting up her training business and getting new clients, she realized that marketing oneself as a speaker and/or trainer was not an easy task. This is when the idea of Speak to Africa was birthed.

Wendy aims to spur the growth of the speaking industry in Kenya, making it a painless task for companies and other institutions to find the right speakers that make all the difference in their events and meetings. And also, helping to market speakers and finding opportunities for them to make a living out of their passion for speaking.

With the growing trends in personal and professional development in Kenya, Wendy is confident that Speak to Africa has a major role in engaging, inspiring and changing the lives of Kenyans.

Wendy’s speaking areas:

Parenting for success (prevention of substance abuse by parents)

Substance abuse prevention at the workplace

Youth leadership

Communication skills

Interpersonal skills


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