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Makueni Women Say Domestic Violence Justified

April 13th 2011- Fact – Women in Makueni believe that a husband is justified to beat his wife

Fact – 1 in 18 children born in Makueni district do not live to see fifth birthday

Fact – 1 in 22 children in Makueni district do not live to first birthday.

Fact –  Makueni is rated highest with the nutritional challenges.

Fact – About 20% of children in Makueni aged 6 -59 months are moderately underweight.

Fact – More than one third of children under five in the district are stunted


Makueni Women Say Domestic Violence Is Justified


Women in Makueni Makueni district believe that a husband is justified to beat his wife.

In a report released by the Kenya National Bureau of statistics, women there says that if a woman goes out without informing his husband, neglect the children, argues with the husband, or if she refuses sex, or burns the food, she deserves to be battered.

The findings also show that Domestic violence is on the rise in the district with over 55 percent of women interviewed indicating they believed that domestic violence to women is justified in some cases.

The report concludes with the recommendation that a lot of civic education is required in the area to enlighten the community on the rights of women and to reduce domestic violence.

The report also documenst the status of children there, one in eighteen children born in Makueni district do not live to see fifth birthday while one in twenty two children does not live to first birthday.

The Kenya National Bureau of statistics report further shows that the district is rated highest with the nutritional challenges with about 20% of children aged 6 -59 months moderately underweight.

The report further indicates that more than one third of children under five in the district are stunted with the proportions of moderately stunted children in the district at 34 %.

In the report, the director general of Kenya National Bureau of statistics Antony Kilee said the Multiple Indicator Cluster survey objective is to provide estimates relating to the well being of children and women at the district level.

The outcome will enable policy makers, planners, researchers and programme managers to take action based on credible evidence.

The survey covered specific areas as in reproductive health, child mortality, child health, nutrition, child protection, water and sanitation, Education and HIV and Aid orphans.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) provided technical and financial support for the survey which also covered other district in the entire Eastern province.

The results also indicated that consumption of iodized salt by house holds in Makueni is among the highest in the province while the district also records the lowest prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM).

While the exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for children aged 0 -5 months, the district has among the lowest percentage coverage way below the average for eastern province.

The survey gives the under five mortality rate 56 per 1000 live births and infant mortality rate at 45 per 1000 live births.

The fertility rate, for the last three years preceding the survey, stood at 5.1 children per woman which is one of the highest fertility rates in the province.

Contraceptive use among the married women is fairly low at 40% which is among the lowest in the province.

About 93 per cent of mothers who gave birth in the district sought antenatal care but only 36 per cent were attended to by a skilled attendant at delivery recording the lowest level in the province.

A third of the women (33 %) gave birth in a health institution during their last pregnancy.

In contrast, two third of women in Makueni district still deliver children outside health facilities, which could be harmful to the health of mothers or the new born babies, in case of birth related emergencies.

Pre – school attendance in the district stands at one of the lowest in the province at 28 per cent. About half of the children aged 6 years are currently attending first grade.

The net primary school attendance rate stands at 91 per cent and that of secondary school at 31 per cent, indicating high discontinuation rates from primary to secondary schools in the district.

By Ngigi Kamau


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  1. Just what i was looking for, very indepth article, thanks

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