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“Your Husband is Dead, Now Pack and Leave”

Kiambu, April 11, 2011 – She is 28 years old and had been married for 7 years but her father in law wont hear of it, he want her out of her late son’s house.

The young mother of four simply need help to to go back to her husband’s house

In Understanding this issue, Women eNews Kenya sought the guidance of the Kenya’s new constitution, under the proposed constitution, women can own and inherit land. Matrimonial property is protected during and after termination of marriage

Read a story of  Liz who has also been thrown out of her parents House


“Your Husband is Dead, Now Pack and Leave”

A 28 year old woman from Ndumberi village in Kiambu district is appealing for help from the provincial administration after she was evicted from her home by in laws following her husband’s death.

Elizabeth Wanjiru Rurimi is seeking for help to go back to her husband’s house from which she was barred from entering or going near to by her father in-law.

The mother of four told the press that her husband died a years ago and when she refused to be inherited by his brother, she was chased away from her matrimonial home immediately after burial.

“I started finding cow dung at the door steps and they kept on throwing stones on my house. Soon after I was told to pack and go since I was not entitled to inherit anything from them”, said a sobbing widow.

She said that she reported the matter to the chief who advised her to wait for her in-laws to cool down and thereafter they could sort out the issue.

It has been seven years and nothing has happened, he added

Elizabeth moved in with his mother where they have been sharing a rented house in Ndumberi trading center.

The mother works at Sasini coffee estate as a casual laborer and has since been unable to sustain her daughter and the grandchildren.

They have now been thrown out as well and she wishes she would be allowed back into the late husband’s home where she can raise the children more easily.

By Ngigi Kamau


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