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“Raped? Give Me Strong Evidence”

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Kuria, APRIL 5, 2011Today we seek to get an answer, “What is strong evidence in a case of violence against women?”   in Kuria District, Nyanza Province cases filed by women are thrown out because the victims fail to avail strong witnesses In some cases some of the victims opt to keep quite.

Leaders there claim the police were abetting criminal cases especially rape, Police on the other hand say they rarely get enough support from the victim since their attackers are brothers, uncles or cousins

But resident think police are simply not willing to help

Read a Story of how women are denied justice in Kuria District, Nyanza Province____________________________________________________________________________________________

Raped? Give Me Strong Evidence”


Lack of sufficient evidence has been cited to have contributed to weakening criminal cases filed by women in Kuria District in Nyanza Province.

Many of the cases filed by women are thrown out because the victims fail to avail strong witnesses who can properly convince the adduce evidences against the culprits, said the district criminal investigations officer Mr. Alfred Muya an interview with KNA.

In some cases some of the victims opt to keep quite after being compromised by their violators and their parents, in case of children, and the police end up with no evidence to adduce before the court.

He complained that the police and his office had been harshly criticised for doing very little in dealing with perpetrators of violence against women when in real sense the victims and parents had been engaging in conspiracy to remain silent.

His remarks came only a few days after local leaders accused the police and the CID officers of engaging in corrupt dealing with criminals, thus making criminal vices to continue in the region.

The leaders had claimed that the police were abetting criminal cases especially rape, torture and forced marriages against under aged girls by soliciting bribery to protect the culprits.

They had alleged that many criminals arrested and taken to police station got their freedom even before facing court charges after they bribed the police.

But Mr Muya dismissed the allegation saying the locals contributed to the problems facing victims of rape and other violence for agreeing to settle the cases out of court in a bid to protect their kinsmen.

He said cases of incest which are too common in the area never reach the police because the victims and their parents compromised to protect their relatives.

“Police will rarely get enough support from the victim and their parents to charge their attackers who are their brothers, sisters, uncles or cousins because of the strong blood bond in the family,” he said.

However, he was in agreement that some time the problem of victims not reporting rape and defilement cases to the police was because of the kind of questions they were exposed to at the station when they went to record statements.

“It is true that some of the officers intimidate the victims by posing to them harsh questions which turn them to be the aggressors. But the larger blame should go to the victims and their parents,” he said.

A resident Paul Nyaigoti was however critical of the police for not helping in addressing the high rate of violence against women in the area.

The police, he said, were known to be seriously helping in destroying files and tampering with witnesses’ evidences after being compromised by the accusers.

He called for a total overhaul of the police in the region for justice to be done to victims of violence and other criminal cases.

By George Agimba/KNA


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