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Smothered To Death Soon After Birth

April 4th 200- Yesterday, April 3rd 2011, As doctors at the Coast General Hospital doctors prepared to transfer Siamese twins to Kenyatta National Hospital to examine possibility of separating them something horrible was happening in Garissa Town.

We tried our best to find as much information as possible so we can let you know just how cruel and inhuman people can be, the baby was just few hours old and according to the writer of this story from Kenya News Agency, The infant appeared to have been smothered to death soon after birth then bundled into a black paper bag then proceeded to be abandoned at the trash site. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Smothered To Death Soon After Birth


Shock and disbelief engulfed Garissa town when a day old new born was found suffocated and dumped at a garbage site in Garissa.

The 11 am incident attracted a large crowd which tousled to get a peek of the infant at a dumpsite adjacent to the DC’s offices.

Children department officers accompanied by police officers moved the body to the
Garissa Provincial General Hospital.

The incident caused a stir in the town largely because such incidents have become a one-off since two years ago when the children department carried out sensitization drives in the town and its outskirts to check infanticide levels that were on the increase.

One resident Nganga Gichie termed the action as ‘despicable’ and said its things like that that made God angry hence deny them rains.

Mama Maria Wangui questioned why the perpetrator would think of such excessive measures and said ‘I would have taken the child in as one of my own.’

According to the district children officer Mohamed Dahir, his department would embark on rolling out those campaigns to stop further incidents like that of today from recurring.

He appealed to the residents of Garissa to take their children to the Child Protection Centre if they felt they did not want them instead of killing them

Dahir also said that the children department would cater for the burial of the infant and it would be carried out according to the customs of the area.


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