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Violet’s Experience – HIV+ under TB treatment

Violet M'Mboga

Nairobi, March 22nd 2011 – Someone who is HIV-positive and infected with TB is many times more likely to become sick with TB than someone infected with TB who is HIV-negative.

According to World Health Organization, TB is a leading cause of death among people who are HIV-positive, but as Violet M’Mboga narrates, with proper treatment and following doctors instruction, TB is curable

Read about Violet’s story on TB treatment


Violet’s Experience – HIV+ under TB treatment


Nairobi, March 22, 2011 – My name is Violet M’Mboga, I have struggled with TB for a very long time, doctors used to talk of how i have been struggling with TB since the year 2000, then, I had been sick for a very long time, for about six months, I did not know what was ailing me, I could feel there was a change in my body, i was constantly getting sick in a span of very short time.

At times I was asking myself what could be wrong with me, my deteriorating situation continued for another six months, i could not stand the pain and it was then I decided to seek treatment.

At Kenyatta National Hospital, Doctors told me that I had typhoid but months later, I realized it was TB which has been keeping me so uncomfortable, so drained and weak.

In 2008, I went to Kenyatta National Hospital, there I was bedridden after tests confirmed that I had TB, I was shocked to find that all along I have been struggling with TB.

At one time, I lost weight, I felt weak most of the times, I could not help myself, I had to get some time to hold me, most were the times I stayed in the hospital bed

The first TB treatment took me 6 months and even after those 6 months I was not getting better, I started developing severe pain in the lungs, this promoted another round of treatment.

At the Kenyatta National Hospital, Doctors conducted tests which revealed I had fluids in my lungs, I was given drugs, it was not long before I became ill again, this time, it was severe and I had to be bedridden again at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Doctors there conducted x-rays which revealed I still had TB, this was the beginning of another round of treatment that lasted me 8 month, taking drugs and injections.

It was during this time doctors realized I was HIV positive.

I was now required to take two doses; one for TB and another for Anti Retrovirus Drugs (ARVs), this resulted to a lot of side effects, my body was swelling and had to spend most of my time at the bed.

Right now am feeling much better, I completed my last dose of TB drugs in January  2011, am still taking ARVs but one problem need to be tackled here, we have the drugs but no food, it becomes a problem when we continue taking drugs and have nothing to eat.

Report by Ngigi Kamau, Women eNews Kenya as Narrated by Violet M’Mboga


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